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Banking Fundamentals

Banking Fundamentals

The Banking Fundamentals training course provides a thorough and applicable basic knowledge of business operations and strategy at banks, insight into balance sheet and capital management, products, revenue models and risks, enabling participants to perform their daily work more effectively and efficiently in accordance with the level of their professional tasks and responsibilities.

Banking Fundamentals


Over deze opleiding

  • Unique interactive training
  • Learn all about business operations and bank strategies
  • Insight into products, revenue models and risks

Banking Fundamentals

Are you in need of a quick and efficient introduction to the banking sector? With this up-to-date course in Banking Fundamentals, you will quickly learn everything you need to know about the core tasks performed by banks: savings, loans, payments, private investments and business accounts.

You will gain knowledge on the consequences of digitalisation for the banking industry en develop the skills to adequately respond to the changing role of banks in society. Due to our practical approach, you’ll immediately put your acquired knowledge into practice in your work environment. This course is the English counterpart to the successful Dutch course ‘Algemeen Opleiding Bankbedrijf’, which is the standard introduction course for new bank employees.

Discipline: Bancair
Level: Basics
Option: Incompany
Duration: 2 days

Target group

Are you (on your way to becoming) a bank employee? Then the knowledge provided in the Banking Fundamentals course is essential. This course was developed for (new) employees in the banking industry and for employees in supporting areas of expertise, like IT specialists. The course is also of importance to commercial supporters, compliance officers and auditors.

The training is also extremely suitable for financial professionals with several years of experience in the sector and who want to refresh their knowledge and skills within the field with the most current trends, developments and recent laws and regulations.

Are you ready for an extensive Banking training? Then go to the training: Advanced-Banking.


  • Banks
  • Mortgages and consumer credit
  • Payments
  • Saving and investment
  • Business credit products
  • Business loan products
  • Bank risk policy
  • Monitoring of the banking sector

Course materials

You will be supplied with the latest literature and receive access to a modern online learning environment. This online learning platform includes everything that is required for your training.

The result after the course Banking Fundamentals

This banking course aims to provide you with a basic understanding of the operations of a bank and the products they offer. You will get to know a bank’s main purpose and gain insight into the organisation of the banking industry. You will also learn about the scope and purpose of certain products banks offer to private individuals and companies. In addition to traditional classroom teaching, which involves meetings, this course can also be followed as an virtual module.

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